10 commandment for dating my daughter

Aside from this, the first four commandments are just plain silly and sound like the instructions of an insecure, scarily-possessive teenage boy to his girlfriend before she goes away to schoolies without him. Many, many people are happy, law-biding, productive, loving citizens without the word of God, the Bible and the Ten Commandments to guide them, yet for billions of Christians these are held up as the blueprint for living a good life.

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And don’t worry, nobody answers the phone anyway so you can likely leave that long message directly into the voicemail, which means your explanation about why you’re canceling our Shabbat plans won’t come out sounding like, “Traffic downtown pickles and cats refrigerator radio applesauce Highway 62.” #9.

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As I said in the above post, this is my main beef with the Bible and many Christians (not to mention, Bible-quoting Christian politicians); they pick and choose which parts of their holy book they take seriously.

There are numerous brutal, bizarre pronouncements from God in the Bible which, if taken literally and enacted, would see a person locked up in jail for a very long time. Respect, protect and guide - particularly the very old and young.