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All characters are introduced by the shows executive producer Richard Jasek.The 29th season of Neighbours began airing from 7 January 2013. The Turner family, consisting of Amber, Bailey, Matt and Mason arrived in February, as did Robbo Slade. Jayden Warley and the Willises – Terese, Imogen and Joshua Willis – made their first appearances in May.When Toadie is left paralysed after an accident, Nell becomes afraid of his wheelchair.

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Tyler Brennan (Travis Burns) stops Sonya from hitting Nell with her car.Nell begins biting people and Sonya and Toadie struggle to work out the cause of the issue.While babysitting Nell, Amber Turner (Jenna Rosenow) discovers that she is being influenced by a phone app.Having her around just lifts everyone's mood, so we're very lucky." Morey believed that she "wore down the writers" to give Sonya and Toadie a baby.She commented "After everything they have been through, it just seems like the most natural thing for these characters." A Soap World reporter said "Toadie is in agony until Karl finally reports that little Nell is healthy and happy.