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This amusing tale, told in tongue-in-cheek fashion, features the lovable character of Juliet, a shy piglet who gets the part of Eliza Piglittle in the play Pigmalion.

(Apologies to George Bernard Shaw.) Magical illustrations by Rachel Berman.

Without Serrano specifying the substance to be urine and without the title referring to urine by another name, the viewer would not necessarily be able to differentiate between the stated medium of urine and a medium of similar appearance, such as amber or polyurethane.

Rachel is known for her ability to use satire to pin-point every day truths and ironies about being a young adult in the modern world. Rachel Ballinger, a Los Angeles based Youtuber, began her career on You Tube with her internet-famous catch-phrase, “You know what pisses me off.” She quickly caught the attention of a wide variety of viewers and developed a devoted fan base.Lawyer Saul Goodman of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad offers his own particular brand of funny, down-to-earth legal advice. So when Simone Hollingsworth misses bell-ringing practice-her latest effort to find something to do-no one is surprised. The youngest of nine children, Kirby Puckett grew up on Chicago's South Side, where he honed his baseball skills in the shadows of the high-rise projects.Considered too short by some Major League Baseball scouts, Puckett overcame his diminutive stature ...He has also said that while this work is not intended to denounce religion, it alludes to a perceived commercializing or cheapening of Christian icons in contemporary culture.She writes that the work is "a darkly beautiful photographic image…