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We recommend that you adjust the room brightness by using the Windows 8 camera application until you achieve a clear captured image, as shown in Figure 5. Sometimes the way that an image appears on the screen differs from the actual captured image.

You can confirm the validity of the captured image by visually inspecting the captured image quality.

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Optimal brightness levels are hard to define because the optimal lighting level depends on the individual webcam. Poor Image, shows a captured image that is distorted by too much reflected ambient light.;-)Thanks for all the nice comments about WGG - LOL that #100 out of best 10 websites. Grass, happy New Year to all watching and let's hope that the grass is greener this year!For those that missing the 15th lawn mowing of the season yesterday, it was a big one. We got 2039 comments last year (too bad that*** not 2017 comments right? If you're looking for quick, kinky sex, please use another room!"yo yo yo yo yo what it is mthfr hey pacman whats up me you bihes im high on crack want a freebase no pacman drugs are bad nope cant help you mate pusays ___smokes___ wooaah holy shrt" from 152.026.035(unresolvable) wrote at 2017/11/08 Yea, we had a couple inches of snow today ...