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Next, he wrote some code to determine which questions were most important to the type of women he felt drawn to.

Looking at those subsets, Mc Kinlay chose a category that corresponded with the type of woman he’d like to date.To figure out how accurately the site’s algorithms match up to real-world people, you just have to go on a lot of dates. On his first date, he left his cubicle, showered at the gym, and met a woman. Instead, they’d found Prince “I wrote a bunch of natural language processing software to optimize my profile.” He fought off their expectations by turning himself into a dating robot, going on what he called “efficient and depersonalized dates,” one after the other. Steve the IT guy took her out to one of Philadelphia’s white-tablecloth, expensive restaurants. Funny thing: Steve, the IT Guy, never did come back from the bathroom. But people do lie when they answer questions put to them by online dating services.The first thing she said to him: From the get-go, 100% match or no, it was “pretty clear” they weren’t soulmates, Mc Kinlay says. Then, he ordered piles of food, and many, many bottles of wine. She reverse-engineered the dating sites by using a type of what would be dubbed cyber catfishing if she were up to criminal intent: she created fake profiles of men that matched the type she was after. So if you want to be successful in love and procreation, the message is clear: start crunching the big data.The free online dating service determines people’s potential compatibility by comparing their answers to specific questions.The more similarly answered questions, the higher the site ranks a couple’s chances of being a good match. After a few weeks, his OKCupid inbox held nothing but e-dust. So Mc Kinlay used his supercomputer access to analyze OKCupid’s question data.