2way icamsex quick start my vid

i mean the solid sli brig have the connecters to connect to the vga card.

because my vga card is(asus gtx 680 d2top) big and the second connecter slot of the solid sli brig touch vga cards upper part and cant connect to the card the. the double connectors on 3-way or 4-way not good for 2-way SLI? also a small update on my part, I moved my 670 SLI to 8x/16x config and it works great, now using slots PCIe3.0_1 & PCIe3.0_2A (sandwich setup).

i ask asus to use second pcie slot and last pcie slot for sli and first slot for sound card, but they say it wont stable. I used 3-way and 4-way solid bridges on 2-way SLI before in past many times, it works normally, hell SLI used to work even without a bridge at all LOL (took around 5% penalty though). or rather you mean your cards have only a single connector for SLI? temps of PLX went higher up to 50C at idle versus former 30ish C when it was not in use before.

I like it much better this way somehow, feels more natural to me ...

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