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Ultrasound is a painless, non-invasive, diagnostic test that produces images without the use of radiation.

It is a valuable resource for tracking the health of a pregnancy.

Abbotsford City Council comprises a council-manager form of local government.

The mayor and council were elected on November 15, 2014.

Digital ultrasound is offered at our Abbotsford and Langley clinics Please make an appointment for Ultrasound exams.

Fees are charged for 'no-shows'; please provide 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment. on ultrasound during pregnancy Valley Medical Imaging is pleased to provide FETAL GENDER DETERMINATION.

A lawsuit was launched on behalf of some of the homeless, stating that a bylaw which prevents overnight camping in Abbotsford parks is against their right to shelter.

The city has formed a homelessness action plan, and has approved a proposal for a supportive housing facility.

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At the centre is a strawberry blossom to symbolize the local berry industry.

Service to Vancouver runs from neighbouring Mission by way of the West Coast Express.

The most notable natural disaster to hit Abbotsford was a major flood of the Fraser River in 1948.

School trustees elected are: Cindy Schafer (9.72%), Stan Petersen (9.39%), Shirley Wilson (9.04%), Rhonda Pauls (8.89%), Preet S.

Rai (8.74%), Freddy Latham (8.29%), and Phil Anderson (7.55%).