Ac explorer error updating

Hi all, after much waiting for the update for the p3p it finally got here the update went fine for the A/C and the T/X app version is 3.1.12 had to reconnect the A/C and T/X all went well there to.

The problem i now get is ESC status error, ive restarted the A/C many times with no joy.

After, I came afront a topic that lots of users encounter the same error as me, having ESC error in tere screen BUT without having any crash with there drone.

ac explorer error updating-45

The following information is incorrect: 'CENS identifier'Error code: 104URL: Payment Additional information: info = [object] = [string] payment/initiate = [object] device Serial = [string] PV2429G00940prague Serial = [string]

I will keep my part #96 in case I really need it in the futur.

By logs seems that the deploy stops because the postgres objects in the database do not exist, but the database Schema Update is set to true and, by documentation, the schema have to be created if needs.

I shut it off everything again put back the propelers and everything start and i flew my drone normaly drying my batterie to 10% and took a break.

While trying another flight time, all error came again but less and finally the engine start again and i was able to fly again for another 15 min batterie.