Accommodating customers delivery needs

We all like to feel that we’re special, so even if the customer’s complaint is a common one take the time to make them feel heard.

You can do this by acknowledging not just the facts of the situation, but also how it made them feel.

These people will use phrases such as ‘let me try’, ‘how do you feel?

’ and will be best able to perform a new task by going ahead and trying it out, learning as they go.

These are the people who like to experiment, hands-on, and never look at the instructions first!

Anticipating Future and Recurring Customers Actively Listening to Your Customers Applying What You Already Know Community Q&A Anticipating a customer's needs is an important part of most retail and wholesale businesses, especially in a more challenging retail environment so they choose to come back.

Anticipating needs also provides opportunities for personal and professional growth.