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They must be inundated with people applying, so even to get a ‘Oh hello girls, yes, brilliant, we’ll have a look at what you do’, we were excited, and then getting that email to say we’d got in to Glastonbury was just brilliant. Abbe – I couldn’t see because I smiled so much my eyes closed. Abbe – So we just ran around begging people to play… Abbe – And it was quite funny because one of the best gigs we did there was the backstage hospitality and catering for all the staff, who were just hilarious and they were so up for a party because they’d been working all day and everybody was in such good spirits.To do the sort of mini-gig in their world within Glastonbury was really fun and then we realised that was the way forward, so we started approaching all the backstage bars like the Circus Tent.

Who dares wins…’ Hannah – Then we got invited to The Mulberry Inn, his pub, to play and open mic night last Friday which was amazing and we ended up playing our whole set at the end of the night. Allan – Was it the intention for you to do two songs right from the start?

So, Sound of the Sirens has been going six years, nearly seven and it’s been me and Hannah for the last three.

When Lisa was with us, we just had a very simple stomp box in the middle which Johnny () fashioned out of MDF with a mic in a box; job done.

Abbe – I think we probably could do it now but it’s quite nice to swap and do something different.

We wouldn’t get that lumpy thing when you’re drumming and you lose it and go all ‘lost it: lumpy leg’.