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In 2011, inventors at Tokyo’s Kajimoto Laboratory developed the Kiss Transmission Device, which allows people to French kiss over the Internet.You hold a plastic straw attached to a rectangular device to simulate kissing, which is then transmitted to another participant with the same device.It is even possible to record kisses for future enjoyment.Researcher Nobuhiro Takahashi believes the device could be useful for long-distance couples as well as fans of certain celebrities, who could sell make-out sessions through the device.If we can recreate all of those, I think it will be a really powerful device.David Tormsen’s sample of a proposed perfume line “Scent of a Listverse Author on his Third Red Bull” has received no response from Tamatoys.

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Supposedly, Todd had intimacy issues, and penetrating Miss Ladylike's rectum was less emotionally intense than venturing into the vagina.

With close access to the Shibuya metro station, the bar even features English-speaking staff to cater to curious tourists.

Nearby is the bar Love Joule, called the first “sex and love bar dedicated to women.” It is said to be a safe space for women to openly discuss masturbation and their sexual lives.

The first sex robots were developed by New Jersey company True Companion back in the 1990s, but the Japanese are likely to catch up fast.

In 2014, disposable male sex toy manufacturer Tenga unveiled a device that combines robotics with virtual reality to simulate sex with an animated woman.