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JM: Obviously, Paul wrote Inbred so he knows his horror genre and we thought that our script fitted his particular genre style.Dominic had worked with him on Inbred so we asked him if he’d have a read of our synopsis and the guideline.

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But you’ve got to let the writer go off and do their own thing and use their own imagination and bring up their own ideas as well.Then we just kept on talking about the idea and in the light of everything that’s been happening in the world, it just felt appropriate to put pen to paper and write it.SCREAM: Would you say you tapped into anything personal or and your own lives when concocting the premise for the film?Horror Channel Fright Fest Glasgow is looking as promising as ever this year and one particular event that has us at SCREAM more than intrigued is a sneaky peek preview of Dominic Brunt’s latest feature, ADULT BABIES.Unable to hold our breath until the festival itself to discover what Brunt has in store, we jumped at the chance to catch up with the film’s creator, actress/producer Joanne Mitchell (star of Before Dawn and Bait) to find out just how much the couple’s latest movie will soon be rattling audiences.