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The nightclub scene in the downtown area near Wenceslas Square is dominated by giant cabarets like Darling Cabaret, K5 Cabaret, Hot Peppers and Goldfingers, which employ several hundred very pretty girls, go-go girls not included.The largest cabaret in downtown Prague near Wenceslas Square sometimes has up to 150 girls on five stages and in three bars, and similar ones nearby have about 80 girls to choose from.In such private nightclubs prices are reasonable, and much lower than those in the downtown area.Many nightclubs in Prague have also established themselves in the luxurious segment by offering additional facilities like Roman baths, different kinds of whirlpools, thematic rooms, tantric massages and even free limousine pickup if you spend a certain amount on drinks and the like.

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The best nightclubs and cabarets in Prague are, in a manner of speaking, gigantic ensembles of models from all over Eastern Europe.As nightclubs are sprawled over the extended urban area, many of them advertise mainly on the internet (in escort listing websites), followed by ads in newspapers and in specialised brochures, and there are also advertising boards along the main roads of Prague.If you are given, either at your hotel or during a night walk around certain areas in Prague, one of the nightclubs’ advertising brochures, be assured that they depend on advertising revenues, which is the reason why they are highly selective and mostly list only upmarket places.Thus the costs for the customers are enhanced by pricey drinks like cocktails and champagne, and further by striptease, luxurious separate rooms and, last but not least, comparatively expensive erotic services.In the presence of large tourist crowds, the cabaret, as it has materialised in downtown Prague, yields the highest profits.