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He's been gone more years than he was here, but I still miss him terribly. He didn't want to shame his family when people found out. Mc Millan, Cory Allen, born 24 January 1974, died 17 March 2004 in Paulding, Ohio Our Remembrance Gone but never forgotten,may you be at peace in heaven. My life has changed for the better and I wish you could of shared it with me. \"you don\'t get over it, you don\'t get used to it, you just get used to not getting over it.\" Allen, Glenn Thomas, born 10 November 1981, died 06 July 2016 in Four Oaks, North Carolina Our Remembrance Loving son,brother,father,husband.

When you're 17, everything is so black and white. I could have dealt with the shame a whole lot easier than losing him (and my future grandchildren) forever. You are missed daily by your mom and dad,sisters,daughter,nieces and friends Thornton, Ricky Dean, born , died 18 April 2008 in Oregon Our Remembrance You were my best friend and brother. You will be missed my dear son,for on that fateful day,you did not die alone....a piece of me went with you . Born with musical talent,a computer genius,and so handsome I'll love you always son and , I'll see you on the other side.

Not a single moment in our lives that could not be better by just having you here to share it with us.

Callejas Cadavid, Diego Fernando, born 10 January 1977, died 11 April 2017 in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia Our Remembrance you will be remembered forever, brother, you are an angel now, you are now in heaven, my tears are yours.

If you are considering suicide, please don't do it! Rich, Whitney Leigh, born 05 October 1965, died 18 December 2004 in Reno, Nevada, USAOur Remembrance Whitney was simply stunning, and bore more sorrow than any soul of her beauty should ever have to. That smile, those kind words, her ways-will always be with us.

Reach out to someone you trust for help-- pastor, teacher, or another professional. Pearson, Michael, born 15 February 1974, died 07 September 2013 in Texas, United States Our Remembrance Remembrance : From day one all we did was fight, now all I do is fight back my tears.

He was a son, brother, husband, & father in addition to being a friend to a select few of us.

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Norden, Rebecca Anne, born 22 July 1988, died 17 June 2014 in Peoria, Arizona, USAOur Remembrance Rebecca was my sister, my other half, my memories, my family road trips, my partner in crime, the aunt to my children, the hole in me that won`t ever be filled. Your kind, thoughtful, loving ways, your smiling face, will be in our memories for eternity. I don't believe I will ever meet someone like you no matter how long I live. And no matter how down either of us were feeling, you made me laugh. I pray that all that he stood for will become his legacy within us. Crawford, Nathan, born 21 July 1983, died 09 November 2014 in Weatherford, Texas Our Remembrance Nate was one of a kind. I wish I looked like you, and I was a perfect as you... I know what it's like to fight a battle against yourself..I do. Everyone you know will never ever forget you, because you are such a special and precious part of our lives. Madi was there to help friends in need, had a beautiful smile, contagious laugh, and brought joy to so many. Toll, Scott Leland, born 11 November 1988, died in California Our Remembrance Scottie T.

Marcotte, Ryan John, born 24 February 1978, died 03 April 2015 in Hastings, Nebraska, USAOur Remembrance Ryan was a loving father who cherished his daughter Destiny. He is loved and missed everyday and will never be forgotten.

Norwood, Drayton, born 04 September 1971, died 05 August 2015 in Texas Our Remembrance My friend, Drayton, committed suicide on 5Aug2015.

May his beloved son grow up to be the kind of man his father was destined to become. Will you keep helping me and being there when I need it most?

We never knew his pain and sorrows because he was always spreading cheer to others. Kawas, Stacey-Ann Grady, born 15 December 1980, died in North Carolina Our Remembrance Stacey I miss you everyday. Perhaps I should have put your Marine photo BUT :) I like this one better! The music and art you created were incredible and inspiring. I know you're free from your pain and that comforts me when I'm missing you so much I feel I can't bear it. Hopkin, Willis Lloyd, born 17 July 1946, died 30 October 2005 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Our Remembrance Willis was just such an incredibly, amazing man and I thank God for the gift of his presence in my and our children\'s lives. Morris, Alexis Victoria, born 15 July 1996, died 07 March 2014 in California Our Remembrance Lexi, I - we miss you so much. I am trying to keep going in your memory - I'm trying to live for you. Bennett, Brandon, born 01 January 1998, died 13 October 2017 in Hampton, Virginia, United States Our Remembrance Brandon was a smart, fun, and loving guy. He was one of the most creative people you could meet.