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78 NOf^ The Old Pathology Bui uj 1Xj jr rc U_ 00 SEE MEDICAL MUSEUM NO! 741 Future File 742 Cancer Corner 748 Public Health Notes 750 Drug Names 781 CME Quiz 789 Auxiliary Report 790 News Notes 801 CME Awards 802 New ISMA Members 804 Essay Contest 805 Obituaries 808 ISMA’s Leadership 809 USPS 284-440 ISSN 0746-8288 OF! Senior ISMA members and full-time medical students — . No copyright is claimed, unless specifically in- dicated. Other benefits of disease surveillance include providing information so that hypotheses regarding disease etiology, prevention, and control can be tested, The Key to Disease Surveillance Is the Private Physician and so that changes in the epidemi- ology of certain diseases can be detected. Penile Doppler (evaluation for vasculogenic impotence).

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Workers in fluorescent jackets could be seen at the site yesterday morning, where the crane was on its roof under the water, with its wheels in the air.“Of course we need to understand why this particular patch of towpath gave way and will urgently review the circumstances behind this rare incident and apply any lessons learned from it.” The Health and Safety Executive has been informed about the incident. COUNTWAY \ LIBRARY OF MEDICt NE Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2015 AY LI r SEPTEMBER 1985 VOL. 813 DEPARTMENTS, MISCELLANEOUS Medical Museum Notes 738 What’s New? 46208 Tel: (317) 925-7545 Indiana Medicine (ISSN 0746-8288) is published monthly by the Indiana State Medical Association. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Indiana Medicine, 3935 N. Library rates: domestic, Canada, foreign. Views expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors. Influenza surveillance data is essen- tial in determining the antigenic com- position of future influenza vaccines. To add to the confusion, with some of these same drugs, the FDA in- sists that the patient be close to car- diopulmonary equipment (e.g., in the hospital when the drugs are adminis- tered). State Health Commissioner JPOGMS New information from Office of the Commissioner Indiana State Hoard of Health 1330 W. It includes the collec- tion, tabulation, analysis, and reporting of data on the occurrence and distribu- tion of disease. Only the truly sick patients with difficult chemotherapy remain, and now they are being forced to be treated in their homes. 46206 317-633-8400 Disease surveillance is one of the primary responsibilities of the State Board of Health.