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Weddings are very expensive for guests, especially if it's out of town and/or for a friend you haven't spoken to in years, a co-worker who you think is inviting you just to be polite, or an estranged family member.Let's kick this off with a disclaimer: Registries (and weddings in general, for that matter) are not a shameless money grab.This summer, a lot of people are going to weddings as full-fledged adult guests for the first time. But while it's pretty easy to be a good wedding guest (and only slightly harder to be a great wedding guest), it's also incredibly easy to be an annoying one.And you often don't know the difference until you — or one of your siblings or closest friends — have planned a wedding and seen the missteps firsthand.

If you're attending with one or more guests, you may want to bump up the amount a bit. *Note from Rachel: At our wedding, my husband and I received a check in a Duck Dynasty card that said, "Every once in a while, a bad idea will pay off! Yes, a lot of weddings have gift tables, and you certainly can bring your present, but sending is easier because 1) you don't have to schlep it to the venue, 2) the couple doesn't then have to schlep it home, and 3) online registries make it ridiculously easy to have it mailed to the couple's home. You are, as a guest, not obligated to attend all, or even any, of these.If you're wondering (or have ever wondered) if you can bring a plus-one, look at the envelope your invitation came in.* Does it say "[insert your name here] and guest"? But if you can't or don't want to leave your family behind, then it's OK to RSVP no.A wedding invitation isn't a jury summons, and in this case, there's no need to abandon your love ones to serve. And you don't have to write in your excuse on the invitation either." on the outside and "Good luck with the deflowering! As for when to send it, just try to do it sometime — anytime — before their wedding. (Though if you're in the wedding, you're obligated to go to the rehearsal unless you make other arrangements with the couple way in advance.) Remember, though, that only a select group of close friends and family are usually invited to these things, so you should feel honored to be included. And like the wedding itself, you should always RSVP in a timely manner when an RSVP is requested!" (handwritten) on the inside, and had a bunch of cash in a plain white business envelope with our names written on it in Sharpie. Traditional etiquette says you have until the couple's first anniversary to send the gift, and while that's true, in our experience, people tend to feel weird about doing that and then panic and then don't send anything at all. OK, let's talk about gifts: Engagement party: If you choose to go the engagement party, you do not need to give a gift.