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Furthermore, the awareness of CKD was quite low in the Thai population.

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Each selected province was next classified as either an urban or rural area, and then one district from each area was randomly selected (i.e. Finally, subjects in each sampled district were randomly selected stratified by age group (i.e.However, there were methodological concerns with these reports in terms of generalization and the accuracy of estimation.This study was, therefore, conducted to determine CKD prevalence and its risk factors in Thai adult populations. The population-based Thai Screening and Early Evaluation of Kidney Disease (SEEK) study was conducted with cross-sectional stratified-cluster sampling.The prevalence of CKD was higher in Bangkok, the Northern and Northeastern regions than in the Central and Southern regions. age, gender, diabetes, hypertension, hyperuricaemia, history of kidney stones and the use of traditional medicines) were associated with CKD.Only 1.9% of the subjects were aware that they had CKD. CKD prevalence in the Thai population is much higher than previously known and published.