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In a short career interrupted by a spell in Parchman Farm penitentiary, he developed to the point that Charley Patton, the foremost blues artist of the Mississippi Delta region, invited him to share engagements and to accompany him to a 1930 recording session for Paramount Records.Issued at the start of the Great Depression, the records did not sell and did not lead to national recognition.A music video was also released to promote the film. I went over to the upright piano and found the chord changes behind the melody he was singing. Songwriting credits on the single were shown as King and Elmo Glick—a pseudonym used by Leiber and Stoller. 9 on 20 December 1986 - 3 January 1987, and also in an advertisement for Levi Jeans. 1 on the UK Singles Chart in 1987 after its re-release, mostly because of the jeans spot, originally reaching No. The song was not released on an album until it had been out as a single for two years. In 1999, BMI named it as the fourth most-performed song of the 20th century, with about seven million performances.In 2012, it was estimated that the song's royalties had topped £17 million, making it the sixth highest earning song as of that time. King had written it for the Drifters, who passed on recording it. On March 27, 2012, the Songwriters Hall of Fame announced that the song would receive its 2012 Towering Song Award and that King would be honored with the 2012 Towering Performance Award for his recording of it.The following year, he left the Delta for Rochester, New York, and gave up music.In 1964, a group of young record collectors discovered House, whom they knew of from his records issued by Paramount and by the Library of Congress.Stoller recalls it differently: I remember arriving at our office as Jerry and Ben were working on lyrics for a new song. To some degree, it's based on a gospel song called "Lord Stand By Me". He's a 50% writer on the song, and Jerry and I are 25% each.... King had the beginnings of a melody that he was singing a cappella.

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His father, Eddie House, Sr., was a musician, playing the tuba in a band with his brothers and sometimes playing the guitar.I went to the piano and worked up the harmonies, developing a bass pattern that became the signature of the song. – October 19, 1988) was an American delta blues singer and guitarist, noted for his highly emotional style of singing and slide guitar playing.Immerse yourself in the living history you will find at Hopson.Virtually unchanged from when it was a working plantation, you will find authentic sharecropper shacks, the original cotton gin and seed houses and other outbuildings.