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When Studio 20 received the trophy, we were very surprised and happy to see that our constant efforts and professional approach to the live cam business are recognized worldwide. Best Emerging Studio (AW Awards, Mamaia, June 2015) and Best Live Cam Studio (AW Awards, Mamaia, June 2016) Romania is a country with a strong presence in the live cam field with over 4,000 cam studios and over 100,000 webcam models active on live cam websites, so starting June 2015 it became the host for the AW Awards gala, aka the "Oscars of the Live Cam Industry".

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Participants were older than 65 and from an urban academic hospital's ambulatory geriatrics practice.

We measured (i) prevalence of CAM use; (ii) proportion of CAM supplements and herbs (CAMsh) reported by patients and documented in patients' charts; (iii) percentage of patients reporting taking CAMsh with anticoagulant activity (ginger, ginkgo, garlic, and vitamin E) while concomitantly taking prescribed anticoagulant medications, as per chart; and (iv) percentages of those patients for whom the CAM anticoagulant was or was not documented in the chart.

Also, at this event, Sasha Red, one of Studio 20`s best webcam models, has been awarded the "Best Cam Model of the World" title. Cam Studio of the Year (Xbiz, USA, January 2017) Romania can be proud of having the best live cam studio in the world, after Studio 20 has won the " Cam Studio of the Year" trophy at the Xbiz 2017 gala, which took place on January 12 in Los Angeles, United States.

Moreover, Studio 20 has the world`s best webcam model, Devious Angel, who received the "Model of the Year" award.

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She is the first webcam model from Romania who has ever won the most important trophy in the world, the AVN Fan Award.

When patients do report using CAM, their physicians may not record this information in patient charts.

METHODS: This cross-sectional analysis compared results of a convenience sample survey with medical charts.

RESULTS: We surveyed 212 patients; of those, 182 had available charts. Only 35% of all self-reported supplements were documented in the charts.

Of 182 patients, 84 (46%) reported taking CAM with anticoagulant properties: of these, 52% took a prescribed anticoagulant (per chart), while 48% took CAM but not prescribed anticoagulants.