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Conversely, the heathen mark their birthdays on a solar or luni-solar calendar with a conjunction lunar phase or crescent that marked a constellation 90 – 180 degrees opposite of the narrative described in Scripture.

It is the aim of this article to illustrate the disparity between the true and the spurious time-measuring models as our Messiah’s true birthday is highlighted.

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They were married on September 15, 1838, just 11 days after he had arrived in New York.

Eventually the couple settled in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

As one the most talented orators our nation has ever produced, he traveled extensively to speak about the evils of slavery and oppression. Late in his life Frederick Douglass began celebrating another day as another birthday: September 3, the day he broke free from slavery and boarded a train with a disguise and a ticket purchased for him by Anna Murray.

Valentine’s Day is a time for remembering the people who love us and for honoring the people we love.