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After Aleida was sent to prison for taking the fall for Cesar's drug dealing, Daya assumed even more responsibility for her siblings.

One time, they visited Aleida in prison, but Aleida took no interest in them or their lives, instead of asking if Cesar was cheating on her.

Daya had two close friends, Paolo - whom she had known since first grade - and Claire.

One afternoon, Claire confessed to Daya that she had feelings for Paolo and wanted a relationship with him.

She holds an idealistic view on love, unlike her mother.

In Season Two, she begins to feel guilty for framing Mendez as the father of her child and constantly flips between wanting Mendez to walk away free and not wanting to get Bennett into trouble.

Upon arrival, Daya cried for her mother to let her come back home with her and begged Aleida not to leave her.Daya initially clashes with Maritza, who is Aleida's adopted daughter in prison.She is not fully welcomed into the group until she and Aleida agree to a truce. John Bennett which they must conduct in secrecy as relationships between inmates and C. The two conduct their relationship by passing notes and drawings to each other and meet in a janitor's closet for sexual encounters.She has a much shorter temper during her two pregnancy and is quicker to suffer impatience and irritation, which causes Bennett to compare her to her mother, much to Daya's displeasure.Dayanara has dark brown eyes, thick lips and brown wavy hair with dyed blonde streaks. Daya's father deserted her and her mother when she was two years old.