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I want to secure your liberties and freedoms, your personal development and your prosperity as citizens of a free, strong, united and stable European Union Considering the cross-border nature of cyber threats, we are dealing with a collective task of security and stability.No country or organization is able to resolve cyber security on its own.Program Secretaries are always on the lookout for new and interesting and exciting places for their youth groups to conduct their International Service Trips, Cultural Exchanges, Youth Exchanges, Exposures and Learning Trips, etc....Thirty-three young staff and volunteers from our region bonded together during the Change Agent Regional Training held at YMCA International Youth Center, Tozanso, Japan last July 12-17, 2017 which was organized by APAY and hosted by the National Council of YMCAs of Japan.1994: Georgia joins the Partnership for Peace (Pf P), a programme aiming to increase security and defence cooperation between NATO and individual partner countries.

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It also features story content previously only found in the International versions, and a new audio drama set a year after..Ethereum's intrinsically trusted system is the most promising solution for enterprise Blockchain adoption, given its maturity and multi-purpose design.Privacy and Performance improvements will be mandatory to achieve enterprise-ready status and will be the focus of Enterprise Ethereum’s roadmap.In partnership with the dedicated and robust Ethereum community, Enterprises are coming together to produce the industry standard, open source, free to use blockchain solutions that will be the foundation for businesses going forward.As we become a fully digital society, we need a true European Digital Single Market and common digital rules and standards, without regard to national borders.