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Although the label posted a cease-and-desist order, one of their employees, Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz, was one of the impressed, and he hired Burton to create the beats for the second Gorillaz album, Demon Days.

Just one year later, Danger Mouse was back in the charts with another collaboration project, Gnarls Barkley, with singer Cee-Lo Green (a solo artist and former member of Atlanta's Goodie Mob).

GPM - Gerenciador de Portais Municipais Sistema desenvolvido em parceria com a Federação Catarinense de Municípios - FECAM e integrado à Rede CIM - Rede Catarinense de Informações Municipais, com o apoio da GRANFPOLIS.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds verkaufte sich bis heute 18 Millionen mal und das in nur 7 Monaten.

Very soon WELICORUSS will go on Hellhammer Festival tour (yes, now its not only local festival;) with really interesting bands who plays very unique music – post black metal band from Austria Harakiri for the sky and avantgarde black metal from UK Lychgate!

We look forward to this tour and for our fans we will have a small surprise, so, Friends, please help us a little with promotion – add your friends to FB events and share this poster!

I’ve played about 168 gigs in 12 different countries with WELICORUSS from years 2014 to 2017.

On August 19th in Netherlands we played our conclusive gig together, and from today I’m not the constant member of Welicoruss anymore.

Elsewhere, peaked at number one on the album charts.

Friends, don`t worry – we will come back to you very soon with new album!

With heavy heart, we would “like” to inform you that our mighty and shaggy bassplayer Dmitry is leaving our horde.

During those years have happened so many things, that we could have written many books about it, band have played so many gigs, that it is difficult to imagine, people from so many different countries have heard Welicoruss live, and the most important – band has moved from Novosibirsk to capital city of Czech Republic, Prague, and with new face, image, with new band members and new conception our band is moving forward to our goal!

Many of our metal friends and colleagues in Novosibirsk have finished their work in musical business, many of new people appeared, and we would love in this day (even in Prague is very cloudy weather right now) to wish ourselves all the best, many success and musical energy, which would push us even more forward, so we can faster achieve what we really want and we could faster compose new song that we even imagine!