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(Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.) In so doing, Bravo gives viewers a whole new type of dating show, including an element we've seen before, for instance, in episodes of in which we got glimpses into Patti Stanger's sometimes troubled dating life.The underlying theme here is that even if you're an expert telling other women (and sometimes men) how to date, you're not necessarily so great at it yourself. In it, three "dating experts": Emily Morse, a sex expert with a radio show in San Francisco; Amy Laurent, a New York City matchmaker; and Julia Allison, who's described on the show as a dating columnist and now lives in L.A., take on what the producers clearly want us to understand as their greatest challenge: Their own dating lives.Continue the creative storytelling through imagery of romantic couples, even wedding rings and visual tokens of love and gratitude that speak to your heart.If you focus on your board and visualize the important characteristics of your future partner, statistically, the odds of this individual coming into your life are much greater. " —Amber Kelleher-Andrews, Kelleher International"Saying the words 'I want to be in a loving relationship' is easy.

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For a little optimistic guidance in preparation for Valentine's Day, we turned to eight well-known matchmakers from across the country to help us with the most basic question: What's your top advice for singles struggling to find love? People should go on Bumble and other sites as practice.

She also blogs for The Huffington Post, appears on "Fox News Strategy Room" as a relationship and dating expert, is OK Magazine's relationship expert and writes commentary for In Touch and Life & Style magazines.

She hosts a web series, "Love and Sex with Amy Laurent" for i Village.

Just be clear about it and say 'I'd love to see you again.

This has been a lot of fun.' The confidence will be incredibly attractive and will make it easy for your date to ask you out again." —Amy Andersen, Linx Dating LLC "A powerful piece of advice I encourage male and female singles of any age to do is build a customized vision board showcasing your ideal love story.