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It drives some of the audience members in the red states into a barely contained fury.In fact, in Minneapolis two people in the third row were thrown out because they veered from heckling to menacing. “You seem While most of Schumer’s jokes are not overtly political, her material is, nevertheless, shot through with feminist frustration and liberal incredulity.The sisters laugh at each other’s jokes, bust each other’s chops, and finish each other’s sentences. ” Kim laughs and hands it over.“I just realized I’m not wearing a bra under my shirt, and it’s pulling, and I don’t want to put on a show.” She looks at me and leans closer.They also write together: on Schumer’s TV show (in whose skits Kim sometimes appears) and on screenplays, including the one written with Jennifer Lawrence that they hope to start shooting in the next year. (For the record, the most enviable girlmance in recent memory began when Amy posted a video of Jen talking about her on the red carpet. “I can tell you’re very attracted to me, and I don’t want that to affect this interview.” Kim is giggling under the hat she has now pulled down over her head.

At the moment, she is in the midst of a six-week tour, filling 15,000-seat arenas, trying out new material and perfecting her act so that when she headlines Madison Square Garden for the first time, on June 23—the benchmark for any comedian who’s reached the big leagues—she will be battle-ready.

Teterboro Airport is located just twelve miles from midtown Manhattan in that uniquely unlovely part of New Jersey that gives the state a bad name. ” said Sinatra as he dutifully dropped by their table, to which Rickles barked, “Can’t you see I’m , Frank?!

But it is the place one must go to if one is lucky enough or rich enough or famous enough to fly private. One night Rickles was having dinner in a swank restaurant with a pretty lady when he ran into Frank Sinatra and persuaded him to come say hello to impress his date. ” I bring this up to point out that, while the subject of much of Schumer’s stand-up material is radically, shockingly modern, in some ways she has more in common with the comics of stand-up’s golden years than she does with those of her own generation.

“How is it that Prince is dead and Dad is still alive? (The crowd will grow to thousands, requiring us to have a police escort back to the hotel.) We all hang out in Schumer’s dressing room: her brother and sister; Mike Berkowitz, one of her agents; and Isaac Witty, a comedian she has known for a dozen years, who is opening for her tonight.

Schumer has decided to acknowledge Prince’s death with one simple gesture: pouring a little bit of wine out onstage at the top of her set.