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One of the appeals of RA to many people is that friendships can be focused on and made as important as they want. If the relationship anarchist wants to spend most of their time in their friendship or if they want their friendship to be the closest, most important relationship in their life they can choose that.

Not letting people outside of your relationship dictate your relationship doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be considerate towards our metamours.

People within the relationships dictate how they want the relationships to look.

Therefore, each and every RA relationship is going to look different.

That is why relationship anarchy is perfect for me.

Alternatives to monogamy are getting more attention and are being taken as more normal than in previous slut-shaming days.

Many of the rules that are created out of couple’s privilege dictate relationships outside their own.My nesting partner is also a relationship anarchist.He and I share a room because right now it is right for us and our relationship, both our financial situations, and with my disability.I currently have a nesting partner, live with partners, and have a few casual partners.None of them are my primaries or secondaries and none of my relationships look the same.