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Apalit, Pampanga Philippines (June 10, 2016) – Ang Dating Daan (ADD) marks a milestone in religious broadcasting when the program aired its Worldwide Bible Exposition, popularly known as “Bible Expo,” through Facebook Live video streaming.It is the first time that a religious group used this social media feature in propagating the gospel which lasted for more than two hours. Prior to its Facebook Live debut, the Bible Expo in Filipino can only be seen exclusively in over 1,360 satellite monitoring centers of MCGI while its counterparts in Portuguese (O Caminho Antigo), Spanish (El Camino Antiguo) and English (The Old Path) already started airing through its official You Tube channels last year.Ever since he gave his epic eulogy on Dolphy (which became a You Tube hit and went viral on social media), work has become a rigmarole once more.The forlorn country remembers that for a full 10 minutes, he gave his idol’s grieving family and fans a respite from their loss, by dishing out surreal revelations like: “Vandolph, itinago namin ang sekretong ito sa mahabang panahon, pero ang tunay na tatay mo ay si Panchito.” And the outrageous take on the humungous late comedian’s son, Dino: “Naghirap talaga ang nanay mo nung pinanganak ka, ang caesarian niya, biniyak mula ulo hindi lang sa tiyan, parang daing na bangus!His gospel is simple: Not to take one’s self too seriously, as life is too short for aggravations.He welcomes the good with the bad sans bitterness and laughs away his problems.

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He has also gone back to writing gags for the GMA long-running program.The Bible Exposition started in 1993 and was a brainchild of Kuya Daniel which aims to bring back how Bro. Today, MCGI programs are carried by at least seven satellites across the globe.MANILA, Philippines - He posted this rebuke in his Facebook account (that banners him as Pilipino, Manunulat and IT Expert should have been ET as he comes with the appellation “Alien,” but there was a typo that he did not want to correct anymore), together with the photo of a tarsier with saucer eyes in a mock-up Time magazine over: Sa mga kandidatong mananalo ngayong halalan, sana tulad ko, hindi kayo Ko-CORRUPT.With the election fever of 2010, he revived his wacky persona as Prof Pete, with the innuendo that the political circus is really a numbers game, i.e. Now that the country has survived another election, with showbiz headliners reinventing themselves in government posts, his favorite apocrypha becomes a prophecy: Wherever you are, you are there.It’s now part of Philippine urban legend that he almost ran in the 2013 Party List elections.