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Jane's death had significant repercussions, and is largely responsible for Jesse's downward spiral throughout the first half of the season over his role in her death.Walt also expresses guilt over his inaction towards Jane to Jesse, and questions the statistical improbability of both meeting her and talking to her father on the same night, despite never having met either beforehand , having a discussion with Jesse about art at a Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit mentioned in the second season.This one really hits home and gives a true behind the scenes look at what most would consider the bad guys.I'm not condoning the contents of the story, and I don't think the show is either, there is no glamor in what these boys are doing, but it's giving an insight to the darker side of many streets.After a frenzied and unsuccessful attempt at revival, Jesse calls Walt in a panic.

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On Twitter @senatorkzappone Anna Nolan Another TV producer, Helen was the first woman to ever hold the position of Director of Television Production at RTÉ.

Her apartment is shown when Donald picks a dress for her to wear during the funeral.

Her voicemail is frequently heard when Jesse repeatedly calls it to hear her voice, but eventually it is deactivated.

Jane wants to use the money to escape her father, who found out she relapsed.

Following a bar conversation about family with Jane's father - with Walt unaware of the man's relation to Jane - Walt returns to Jesse's home, hoping to reconcile.