Any luck with online dating

Analyzing each guy’s profile with a fine toothed comb, looking for reasons not to respond to a message or meet him for coffee isn’t doing you any favours.A profile is just a digital snapshot of someone, and does not tell the whole story. I like to read, so this could work.” Good first messages come so few and far between that its likely you will get a date just for writing one. Describing themselves as “always smiling” or “up for anything.” The Online Golden Rule should be: If you don’t have anything original to say, don’t say anything at all. If we can’t see what you look like, we are going to be hard pressed to agree to meet you for coffee. As lame as you might feel doing it, have a friend take a clear (as in NOT blurry) picture of you so we can see what you really look like right NOW (not 10 years ago when you were on a skiing trip). I know online dating is like shopping, and you want to make sure you are purchasing something you actually , but when it comes to online dating, it’s impossible to be sure. When I see that you’ve viewed my profile 16 times without writing me, I’m already wondering … The internet is a vast place though, and it can’t hurt to venture out of your bubble a bit.

Schedule time to tackle your online dating inbox everyday, whether it be first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee or while flipping channels at night, wine in hand. You’re too picky If you find yourself clicking through pages of online dating profiles, declaring that there is absolutely nobody you’d want to date, the problem might be you, not them.

If your pictures are blurry, old, or solely consist of snaps of your dog, a guy might hesitate to message you simply because he doesn’t know what you look like, and worse, he’s afraid that you’re hiding something.

The most attractive quality you can have online (or off! Upload photos that show you in your best light, smiling, having fun, living life and enjoying your hobbies. ’ Online dating sites have thousands upon thousands of members, so you’ve got to make sure your profile stands out.

Let love surprise you by going out for coffee with a guy who is absolutely nothing like the guys you’ve dated in the past, but the few messages he’s sent you have made you crack up laughing. Don’t lose focus and treat online dating like a social network.

It’s not the place to update your profile with your every thought and feeling, search for a new job, or even establish platonic friendships. You’re scaring him off When dating, online or off, men are wired to be wary of one thing – a clingy, needy woman.