Are demi and sterling dating in real life

Melania has been far more out of the spotlight than Ivanka of late. But much has been made of a clip purportedly showing Melania swatting her husband's hand away after he went to hold hands with her while on a red carpet in Israel on Monday.

She was reported to have done it again, two days later, in Italy.

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Melania and Ivanka have both had their own commercial product ranges.

But the style crown goes to Melania, who this week left even the chic French First Lady Brigitte Macron in the shade when the two met in Brussels. With its waterfalls, hall of mirrors and vast chandeliers, it's the opposite of cosy.

And yet that's where Melania calls home, rattling around the place with Barron, while Donald is in Washington.

And in Trump tradition, she doesn't miss an opportunity to plug her own fashion ranges — wearing a pair of Ivanka Trump heels in the knowledge they will be identified as hers and boost sales. Who — but the Trumps and Russia's most tasteless oligarch — would live in the First Family's 30,000sq ft triplex in Manhattan's Trump Tower?

In some cases, as with a pink dress she wore during the election, she'll Tweet a link to a retailer selling it. The views from the 58th floor aren't bad, but nobody who has seen the pictures can forget the garish interior — 53 rooms of marble and gold designed to evoke the grandiose Louis XIV's Palace of Versailles.