Are gretchen and slade still dating

But, photoglou says he moved out since Gretchen was going out with – you guessed it – Slade Smiley! Photogluo wrote: “When I went to pick up more clothes on Wed Feb 18th Slade’s car was in the driveway.

I know Gretchen well so I called the police dept to do a civil asst…” Wow, he is making it sound like little Gretchen is one tough cookie.

It turned out it was for allegedly failing to make child-support payments.

We also know that someone posted a hysterical entry into a blog about Slade dating “Real Housewife” Gretchen.

Gretchen told my friend she “was cast as the newest housewife on The Real Housewives of Orange County and the show was going to pay for her to rent a house in Coto for a few months so they could pretend she was living there.” So, it is against this deceiving backdrop that a person going by the name of photoglou blogged last week.

You understand why we don’t “really” know if any of this is true. Photoglou claimed that he was living with Gretchen in Costa Mesa.

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Are they being deceptive now in an attempt to get more ratings?

Is Bravo unwilling to tell the truth as to why Gretchen & Slade left the show?

But one thing the couple isn’t pushing back is their plan to welcome a child. “Overtime you don’t even realize how much stuff you accumulate,” she explained. I heard about this new company by the name of Clutter that was in the Los Angeles area that was moving down to the Orange County area.

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