Are the co stars of beauty and the beast dating

Up until now, it was unclear whether this would be a musical, like the animated version, but Mc Kellen cleared that up on Wednesday.

“(There was) a mike for every actor so we could be heard above the music from the electronic keyboard and percussion and the glorious voices of a 30-strong choir.

Elsewhere, everything, and everyone was alive and even kicking, high-kicking too.

Bill Condon had decided to put on a show and I’ve never seen or heard anything like it.” filming began in London, and he was nearly late arriving at Sheperton Studios, after having to deal with the awful morning rush-hour.

But despite the gusty weather, the veteran actor – who plays Cogsworth – was all smiles as he pulled several poses for the cameras.

Emma Thompson (Mrs Potts) took shelter inside where she was joined by her onscreen son Nathan Mack (Chip).

On Instagram, Lara revealed that her weight has fluctuated around 30lbs over her life, but she says that, at 30 years old she finally feels 'like myself.''This was the hardest thing I've ever done - posting this is hard,' she added.

The weekend’s 0.6M ticket sales, which were 99% from the same period a year ago, are another indicator that crowds aren’t thumbing their noses at the big-screen experience.I would have never said no.'As for Mekdes, she opened up about suffering an eating disorder after a rough start in modelling at age 22 that saw her informed she needed to lose two inches.'I would spend hours in the gym, calculated every calorie, bingeing my life away... 'I was the skinniest I've ever been (although I couldn't see it) but the agency ghosted me and instead I ended up with an ED that I would nurse for years to come and even seek therapy for.' Through the support of friends and family, Mekdes was able to recover from her disorder and now describes herself as her very own 'body hero.'Entrepreneurs also have their place in the campaign with Tyler Haney, 27, who is best known as the founder of clothing company Outdoor Voices.She explained in her own post how she 'always had a sporty body and at times have hated "being too muscly," but has since overcome her insecurities.In addition to the image, several of the models shared their contribution on social media and talked about their individual relationships with their bodies.The images promote the new Body Hero Duo line, which is comprised of a two-step system of body wash and moisturizer.

Are the co stars of beauty and the beast dating