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But the 21 century is here and as Asian Americans continue to assimilate into standard American culture, I somehow see in the upcoming generations, increasing numbers of Asians in football. But for now, I’ve gathered a list of NFL players with any Asian ancestry that have been in or are playing in the NFL to encourage you all for now. Nguyen won the starting job at middle linebacker in 2001 and silenced critics by leading the team in tackles.

Unlike baseball, there isn’t a farm system in Asia to feed any football players into America, so any Asian football player almost has to be home grown here in the U. But think about it, where are most Asians in the US? Nguyen played until 2005 when injuries forced him to retire.

If I were to walk up and ask random people on the street to name an Asian football player? Would they believe me if I told them there have been a few Asian football players in the NFL?

Would I have better luck asking the same question in Chinatown? Simply because there has only been a hand full of Asians that has made it as far as the NFL anyway.

Midway into the 2008 season, Demps lost his starting job to Nick Ferguson but currently remains on the team.

Physical Build: Demps is listed at 6’0″ and weighs at 208 lbs.

Other Interesting Things: Nguyen was awarded a Golden Torch Award at the Vietnamese American National Gala in 2004.

Other Interesting Things: According to Demps, he can speak Korean at a conversational level.

If anything, Asians are just less inclined to try football and lean more towards tennis, baseball, golf, and sadly at times badminton.

Either for family reasons or varying degrees in cultural values, sports just aren’t allotted very much points for most Asian parents. Asian Americans are in the areas where the best football programs are and personally, I just believe it takes a few more Asian Americans in the NCAAF and NFL to encourage a whole generation to hit their high school football tryouts.

Demps played for one of the best defensive teams of the NFL in Baltimore until 2006 when he went to the New York Giants for a one-year stint.

In 2007, Demps went to play for the Houston Texans and is currently on their team roster.