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0x00000001 # represents '\x01', and 0x80000000 represents '\x1f'.

#asyncmap 0 # Require the peer to authenticate itself before allowing network # packets to be sent or received. RTS/CTS) to control the flow of data # on the serial port. XON/XOFF) to control the flow of data # on the serial port.

I suggest that you do NOT edit this file to create your # /etc/ppp/options -*- sh -*- general options for pppd # created 13-Jul-1995 jmk # autodate: 01-Aug-1995 # autotime: # Use the executable or shell command specified to set up the serial # line.If the directory already existed, it should contain a template options file called Print it out as it contains an explanation of all the PPP options (these are useful to read in conjunction with the pppd man pages).Whilst you can use this file as the basis of your file, it is probably better to create your own options file that does not include all the comments in the template - it will be much shorter and easier to read/maintain.#escape 11,13,ff # Don't use the modem control lines.#local # Specifies that pppd should use a UUCP-style lock on the serial device # to ensure exclusive access to the device. On Ultrix, this option implies hardware # flow control, as for the crtscts option. A value of # 296 is recommended for slow links (40 bytes for TCP/IP header 256 # bytes of data).