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I'm making her favorite dish.version of chicken paprikash, and making enough for her to take a lot home with her. The best explanation I've heard is that they were very spoiled growing up....guilty.

It's funny, RB, she and I can easily talk about her father. Bichon, the QP games each require a particular brain specialty, although each are word games.

I warned him a few years ago that if he ever got me in the same room with her, we were throwing down! I've had the same thing with her that you were having, remember?Still don't really understand why but have decided to just let it go if she will.All my life I had a fear of people I loved leaving me and thought I was just crazy since I couldn't trace it to anything. our local practice used to insist to schedule to the doctor who was free, saying it was a group practice.they seem to have backed off on issues while they do affect me, are really other peoples issues. My daughter had been attacked not too long ago, and she decided not to press charges.