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A contract hire scheme for powered wheelchairs or scooters is also offered through Motability.You usually have to pay a deposit but might get help to pay this.One is the care component if your child has care needs; the other is the mobility component if they have mobility problems. This is paid at one of three different weekly rates depending on how much care is needed: If your child receives Disability Living Allowance, you will be exempt from the Benefit Cap which limits the total amount in some benefits that working-age households can receive. Disability Living Allowance will be paid directly into your Bank, Building Society or Post Office account or by Simple Payment if you are unable to open or manage one of these or a similar account.Disability Living Allowance is usually paid every four weeks.For example, this might apply if your child is blind, is unable to walk or has a lot of difficulty walking.Your child may also be treated as having mobility needs if they have severe learning difficulties or severe behavioural problems.For the low rate mobility component they must be aged over five, and for the high rate mobility component they must be aged over three.If you are over 16 and you have care or mobility needs, you may be able to claim Personal Independence Payment guide instead.

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UK website (link opens in a new window) Phone the Disability Living Allowance helpline for a claim form: Telephone 03 Textphone 03 Phone the Disability and Carer’s Service for a claim form: Telephone: 028 9090 6182 Textphone: 028 9031 1092 You should give your national insurance number.

Part of the form must be filled in by someone who knows about your child's disability. If you download a claim it will be the date your completed claim form is received.

You must report changes in circumstance which might affect your child's entitlement to this benefit If you disagree with the decision made on your child's benefit claim you can ask for a written statement of reasons.

Type of benefit: Non means tested Taxable: No Administered by: Disability and Carers Service, Department for Work and Pensions Your child has care needs if they need help with ‘bodily functions’, for example, eating, washing, getting dressed and going to the toilet.

These care needs can also include help which allows your child to take part in social activities.