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The southwest monsoon, with an onset in June and lasting up to September, brings rainfall of 517.1 mm, with September being the rainiest month.

The northeast monsoon which lasts from October to December brings rainfall of 388.4mm.

As per Hindu legend, Murugan is seen as a tribal hunter who appeared in a lotus pond with his weapon to attack the enemies.

Thus "Vellore" is seen as the place where Murugan appeared.

Vellore lies in the Eastern Ghats region and Palar river basin.

Vellore is about (100) Km South West of Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh.

It is Hotspot City Of Bengaluru - Chennai National Highway.

The topography is almost plain with slopes from west to east. Black loam soil is found in parts of Vellore Taluk.

The other type of soil in the city is chiefly gravelly, stony and sandy of the red variety.