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scraping the contents of the entire 2channel website and costing the original 2channel website significant bandwidth costs.

Currently 2continues to scrape the contents of 2channel in real-time.

Apart from collecting revenue from the 2channel visitors it also attracts website owners of the linked pages who check their statistics and can't link it back to 2channel.

Users will often attempt to bypass this system by removing the h from http in URLs, encouraging others to copy and paste the link, thus avoiding the referral page.

The quality of work on conversions varies greatly - some complete and very neat, others incomplete and/or crudely hacked out. I made a simple chamber length gauge that I can carry with me at all times, in my wallet.Each thread is limited to 1000 postings at maximum, and a new thread must be opened (by some anonymous user, self-elected during discussion) to continue discussion.This prevents the rotting of old threads and keeps active topics refreshed.Things were looking up for me -- but I wasn't feeling well and knew deep inside that something was wrong." George Johnson Renowned speaker, blogger and advocate Rae Lewis-Thornton has been living with HIV/AIDS for more than 25 years -- and she's learned a lot about survival along the way.In this video, Rae shares wisdom from a long life with HIV/AIDS, especially for those who've just found out they're HIV positive.