Be hungry dating site

Fans of food and dating now have a new short-form show to tune into on Snapchat.

Vice, with launch partner, has created a weekly, 8-episode show featuring couples going on dates that were designed by Action Bronson himself.

(The website's description reads: "The unfathomable horror is coming soon, but we've got your back.") Goss doesn't scoff at the competition but he does support defectees even if he doesn't understand it.

"I'm OK with them leaving," Goss says matter-of-factly.

Our members include professional, educated men and women searching for real love, and we’re here to help them find it.

Indeed, a Pew research report found that some 60% of American adults believe that online dating is a good way to meet to meet a partner, a figure that is constantly on the increase.

That's not the case for our users." But those hungry for love do have other options when it comes to mixing politics and dating.

On Hungry Hearts, viewers watch couples go on Bronson-curated dates, featuring plenty of delicious food.Add some food into the mix, and you eliminate any reason not to watch the show.”In the premiere episode of Hungry Hearts, Bronson sends a potential couple to a sausage and peppers truck in Queens, New York.Snapchat users can subscribe to the show within the app, but here’s a clip from the first episode.It has completely revitalized the site." As for its success rate, there have yet to be any marriage proposals as far as Goss knows, but he did reveal that he's received positive messages from users about multiple dates and some solid relationships."It's been working out for some people," adds Goss, who is married and yes, both he and his wife voted for Trump.