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Now, they must demonstrate “outstanding services to Belgium” in fields such as culture, sport or science. The French-language daily La Libre reported this week that of the 508 people who had applied under the new naturalisation laws from January to the end of November, not one was expected to be approved. In 2012, a record 18,731 people applied for naturalisation, and 4,838 were successful.This year, 2,547 applications are being processed, although 2,039 of them are outstanding from previous years and being considered under the old laws.But Mr Verhofstadt, a former Belgian prime minister, used an address at the London School of Economics to reopen hostilities by taking swipes at Mrs May and the divisions in her Cabinet.He said: ‘I presume she chose Florence, because Florentine politics in the 15th century made her feel at home, made her think of her own Conservative Party. All those noble families fighting for power.’Mr Verhofstadt claimed ‘hundreds of thousands, even millions of British citizens still cherish their European identity and want to keep their European citizenship’.The case was handed to a local prosecutor rather than to national counter-terrorism investigators.'I have learned with horror of the brutal death of Alfred Gadenne,' Prime Minister Charles Michel, a liberal, said on Twitter.All my thoughts are with his family and friends.'Among the many others offering condolences was Martine Aubry, the former French Socialist party leader and long-time mayor of metropolitan Lille.After negotiations in Brussels appeared to be finally moving forward yesterday morning, Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt stoked tensions again by delivering an inflammatory speech arguing that many Brexit voters now regret their decision.Following months of stalemate, European Commission chief negotiator Michel Barnier had praised the Prime Minister’s speech in Florence last week for creating a ‘new dynamic’ at the negotiating table.

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‘A waste of time and energy.’He claimed that, since Brexit, the EU has ‘regained popularity’ and people now wanted to reform Europe, ‘not destroy it’.

The Prime Minister has said the UK will honour its commitments under the EU budget to 2020, thought to be around £18billion, so no other EU country will ‘pay more or receive less’ as a result of Brexit.

Prime Minister Theresa May has said the UK will honour its commitments under the EU budget to 2020, thought to be around £18billion, so no other EU country will ‘pay more or receive less’ as a result of Brexit But Mr Verhofstadt said Britain’s financial obligations could run beyond the budget period.

At the prize presentation of the Memorial Flory Van Donck Pro-Am, the daughter and grand-daughter of Flory Van Donck were presented with a Honorary Membership posthumously for Flory Van Donck for his outstanding performances as a professional golfer and contribution to the future of Belgian golf.

The European Parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator claimed last night that Britons no longer want to leave the European Union and mocked Theresa May’s Cabinet of ‘backstabbers’.