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But if you're one of the thousands of people teaching yourself to code through interactive tutorials, online courses, and other web-based resources, you might not be able to take that kind of time off from your day job.

Free Code Camp offers another way: volunteering your new-found programming skills to non-profit organizations throughout the world.

Many students lend their new skills to open source projects, which is an important part of the modern programmer's résumé.

But Free Code Camp offers an intriguing new way to give students more hands-on experience.

Larson and a small team of volunteers are building Free Code Camp on their own time.

But he says eventually he hopes to make money from the site, possibly by helping to match students to employers and earning a recruitment fee.

His background was in embedded systems programming – a field that involves writing software for devices like networking gear, digital watches and other microelectronics – but he wanted to work in web development.

The problem was that although there was a wealth of information to help him learn the new skills, there was no structure to help him progress from one skill to the next."I was learning bits from here and there and I didn't felt like I was making much progress," he says.

Cristián Berríos Vergara, on the other hand, was an experienced programmer who wanted to switch careers.

Getting good enough to code in the real world takes time.

The site features a sequence of online tutorials to help the absolute beginner learn become a web developer, starting with building a simple webpage.

Larson, who ran an adult education center before learning to code, admits that online learning is still an experiment."I think if we had teachers, if we could afford to hire them, we'd have better outcomes," he says.

But affordable teachers with enough experience are hard to come by, he says.

Best free java free trail line sex chat