Blind dating fun lyrics

“I want to push you and just find more greatness inside of you,” Keys said.

Levine fought hard and said he would continue to fight hard for Collins if he joined his team.

The first artist of the night was Kenny P of Nashville, who sang “Hello It’s Me.” Stefani and Shelton both turned, starting the night out with yet another showdown between the couple.

Shelton played the Nashville connections card, but the artist shocked by going in the more unexpected direction and joining Team Gwen.

I try to explain (I can't explain it, I can't explain it) I.....

but baby it's in vain Sneaking on my mother's phone The touch that makes me think I'm grown Sweet prince of the ghetto Your kisses taste like Armaretto Intoxicating (intoxicating), oohh, so intoxicating (intoxicating) How sad, how sad that all things come to an end But then again I, I'm not alone It was the sweet, sweetest thing I've known It was the sweet, sweetest thing I've known I.....

He sang “Purpose” by Justin Bieber, and Levine turned right away.

It was clear Collins has something special, and his interpretation of the lyrics was really strong. “That’s the winning voice right there,” Levine said at the end of the audition.

“Adam, I love you, man, I promise I love you,” Collins said before then joining Team Alicia. Going into the next audition, Levine was frustrated about not picking up any more artists.

("Little ditty, 'bout Jack and Diane.." or "Badlands, ya gotta live it everyday.")Using "the", "a" etc doesn't count.

The sweetest thing I've ever known Was like the kiss on a collar bone The soft caress of happiness The way you walk, your style of dress I wish I didn't get so weak Ooo baby, just to hear you speak Makes me argue just to see How much your in love with me See, like a queen, a queen upon her throne It was the sweet, sweet, sweetest thing I've known It was the sweet, sweetest thing I've known I get mad when you walk away So I tell you leave when I mean stay Warm as the sun dipped in black Fingertips on small of my back More valuable than all I own Like your precious, precious, precious, precious baby dark skin tone It was the sweet, the sweetest thing I've known Was the I.....

Enid Ortiz was up next, singing “All I Ask” by Adele.

At first, it looked like she might not get any turns, but Shelton turned at the very last second.