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“The Proof in the Pudding” (Season 5, episode 12)The Jeffersonian goes on lockdown while the team is detained for a top-secret assignment: They have 24 hours to identify a set of remains without taking or testing samples.

It also lets us in on a rare moment of naked emotion from Brennan, who is guarded but not unemotional.

It’s directed by Boreanaz, and his episodes consistently push at and play with the boundaries of the couple’s relationship.

This one shifts between the novelty of the “before they were a team” prequel and the unspoken emotions of the present. “The Doctor in the Photo” (Season 6, episode 9)Brennan investigates the death of an overachieving surgeon and can’t help but see herself in the victim, a professional so focused on her work and her career that she made no meaningful relationships.

When she openly weeps, it is downright heartbreaking.

“The Hole in the Heart” / “The Change in the Game” (Season 6, episodes 22 and 23)Booth takes on assassin Jacob Broadsky (Arnold Vosloo), who was once a fellow sniper in the Army Rangers and is now a hit man who only targets those he deems guilty.