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He’s always been mildly aware that Taehyung does indeed have a life outside of catering to Jeongguk’s every whim but this is the first time he’s actually been slapped in the face by this fact. Friends should tell each other when they (plan to stab them in the back) start dating. Your grades aren’t high enough for you to get away with that.” Taehyung shrugs, apparently unconcerned that his future is at stake here. Because even with Jeongguk’s Spartan tutoring his grades in algebra last year were appalling and definitely hurt his chances of going to a good college. He hates that look—he can never really figure out what he’s thinking when he’s got his poker face on. Jeongguk helps him with everything, especially sports.

Especially dating people who look like they could convince Taehyung to go back to his room for sex and then toss him out on the street once they got off. “It’s okay, Hongbin can help me out.” Jeongguk zeroes in on the unfamiliar name. “A friend who helps me out.” “ the friend who helps you out,” he grumbles. Granted, he’s not getting straight A’s in math subjects either, but he’s passable enough. You’re a bad influence on Tae.” He throws a glare at his cousin when Jimin only scoffs.

See, this is why Twitter shouldn’t have been invented.

) No, he should be thinking more along the lines of Taehyung's going to make a complete fool of himself by cavorting with this unnamed guy who's probably just using him for money and is bound to drop him like a hot potato when he realizes Taehyung's poor as fuck.

This isn't going to end well for anyone and it's his civil responsibility to put a stop to this idiocy immediately. ALSO, DETAILS PLS He's about to reply to Jimin's post with a gloriously-worded piece of his mind when he realizes something. And while Jeongguk's never been able to call himself an expert in social media sites (anything with word "social" in it really), he does know he's meant to see this.

By the fourth ring Jeongguk feels 120% more annoyed because (1) Kim Taehyung always answers his calls by the second ring and (2) is the world ending or something Taehyung's voice chirps excitedly and a little breathlessly from the other end, and Jeongguk feels his hackles rising up in an instant. There better be no strange men in his bedroom right now or he is going to have a long talk with Mr. " Jeongguk rolls his eyes because Taehyung says it like Jeongguk hasn't been coming over for dinner at the Kim residence since he was 12. “When have I ever let you watch that stupid show alone? Expect me in 15.” Jeongguk frowns at his phone for a long second after they hang up. Whatever he is, he's not going to be good for Taehyung and it's like Jeongguk's the only one who realizes it. Jeongguk has never been that big of a fan of zombies so he has no problem ignoring the latest episode of TWD in favor of observing Taehyung. Something big and probably important because Taehyung normally doesn’t make a fuss about anything.

Plus, Taehyung's mom had called him about the dinner weeks ago, knowing her only son is a flighty, absentminded little shit. " Jeongguk grits out, pinching the bridge of his nose. He's never even heard of anyone having a crush on Taehyung in the 11 years he's known him and since Taehyung's never really changed much over the years, he'd never really thought anyone could actually like him that way. There have been a few idiots every now and then, but they don’t count. Taehyung, on the other hand, is fairly obsessed with the show and has no problem ignoring everything around him in favor of watching Norman Reedus and a bunch of other sweaty, dirty good-looking people run around and killing off the undead. He is the poster boy for TMI and shameless self-promotion.