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A book on Peter Drucker is dated 1905, a book of Virginia Woolf's letters is dated 1900, Tom Wolfe's It might seem easy to cherry-pick howlers from a corpus as exensive as this one, but these errors are endemic.

But the libraries can't be responsible for books mislabeled as "Health and Fitness" and "Antiques and Collectibles," for the simple reason that those categories are drawn from the BISAC codes that the book industry uses to tell booksellers where to put books on the shelves, not from any of the classification systems used by libraries.(Clancy denies that they were asked to do so by the publishers, though this might have to do with their own ambitions to compete with Amazon.) The BISAC scheme is well suited to organizing the shelves of a modern 35,000 foot chain bookstore or a small public library where ordinary consumers or patrons are browsing for books on the shelves.But it's not particularly helpful if you're flying blind in a library with several million titles, including scholarly works, foreign works, and vast quantities of books from earlier periods.For example, the BISAC "Juvenile Nonfiction" subject heading has almost 300 subheadings, including separate categories for books about "New Baby," "Skateboarding," and "Deer, Moose, and Caribou." By contrast, the "Poetry" subject heading has just 20 subdivisions in all.That means that Bambi and Bullwinkle get a full shelf to themselves, while Schiller, Leopardi, and Verlaine have to scrunch together in the lone subheading reserved for "Poetry/Continental European." In short, Google has taken the great research collections of the English-speaking world and returned them in the form of a suburban mall bookstore.

Boundaries in dating google book