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Bret explains to his eventual executioners that, at one point, Brande “got down on her knees and passionately said, ’I want to do this.'” The innuendo was too thick for a goon like Donald Trump to let the statement simply slide. A show that, mind you, is run through a gamut of producers and censors, and one that apparently no one had the cajones to step up and say, “You know, this is a bit that’s best left on the cutting room floor”? The camera cuts to Brande, who gives a pissed-off smirk to Donald, before cutting over to the reliably slimy Piers Morgan, who sycophantically chuckles at his mentor’s unforgivably horrible sexist comment.The camera then cuts back to Trump, who looks at Morgan approvingly and gives him a knowing nod, the kind he’s likely given thousands of times to his cronies in the oak-lined locker rooms of the private clubs he frequents.

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The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.Brande Roderick, who will be gracing the pages of Playboy magazine in a 12-page pictorial this June, never dreamed she’d become Playmate of the Year when she graduated high school. And I moved out to San Francisco to act.” She made a few commercials – for Western Boot Steakhouse, Snickers candy bar and Dr Pepper – and landed a bit part in “Beverly Hills 90210.” But it wasn’t until the night she went out dancing and was spotted by Playboy founder Hugh Hefner that her wildest fantasies came true. A: When I do need to stay in shape, I eat low-carb stuff and I’ll go kickboxing or take a spinning class – those kick my butt. A: If I know I have to gear up for something involving work, then I start eating right. But when “Baywatch” ended and I didn’t have to be in that bathing suit anymore, I just ate for two months. A: When I blow dry my hair straight, I use KMS Flat Out. A: Every day I wear a beautiful diamond cross I got for a Christmas gift, and tiny diamond stud earrings. Real estate agents make good money,” says the 5-foot-7 actress. So I just got to this point where I thought, I’m not getting any younger. A: We have nice dog walks in the canyons where you can take the leash off your dog and go hiking. We started Bedazzling everything from our shirts to our belt buckles, handkerchiefs – you name it, we’re Bedazzling it. I just finished “Memoirs of a Geisha.” Q: How do you stay in shape? Out in my backyard, I have rose bushes and a garden filled with calla lilies and freesia. Q: What products do you use in your hair to make it so vibrant?Check out RELATED CONTENT (above left, right below the photo) for our other Roast videos!On the night of the Roast, fans followed the action via Twitter (#DEEROAST) and watched the event live on AXS TV.