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You don't have everything if you don't have that."Now that Monica does have that, she's enjoying every minute.

She says she hopes the newlywed phase never diminishes, just like it hasn't for her own parents. She and Brown, who split their time between Atlanta and Phoenix, have a blended family: her two sons from her first marriage and his son Shannon from an ex-girlfriend.

Most other teenagers in the upper-middle-class enclave of Lower Merion had gone to the multiplex to sneak into the R-rated "Bad Boys" and get busy in the dark.

But Kobe didn't have a lot of experience with the rituals of American puppy love.

“I’m a bad bitch,” she introduces herself on the show.

They recognize that we love them, we don't pay attention to who biologically belongs to who.During that same time, Brandy, 33, had given birth to her daughter Sy'rai, now 9, with producer Robert Smith.The two split in 2003, and it was later revealed they had lied about being married. But over the years, the feud mellowed and the two ladies, who are now both in their 30s and mothers, have become close friends — with a new duet, "It All Belongs to Me." "Over the process of 14 years, she and I both experienced a lot of the same things: love, losses, becoming parents, a lot of the things that brought us full circle," Monica, 31, tells omg! "Six years ago, she said, ' Monica, I want to do another song together, you and I as adults, let's make it happen.' The hard part was actually finding a song that made sense to the both of us because we didn't want people to think we were trying to tamper with the history of what ' The Boy is Mine' was. where you could hear that we were reunited and we had grown as women and as artists …because we kind of stand together in this song."" data-reactid="27"Fourteen years ago, Monica and Brandy were the two biggest names in R&B and when they joined forces for the chart-topping "The Boy is Mine," it was pop music perfection.