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"I think what's really dangerous with what, continuously, is happening with Asian-Americans in Hollywood is there's a narrative that white Hollywood, or just any other ethnicity really in Hollywood gives to Asian-Americans that, 'You're the butt of the joke.' They're determining that we're the nerds, that we're the shy girls or that the guy that can't be sexy because he's an Asian man." Her first on-screen appearance was as a host for the short-lived Teen Nick summer dance series The Nightlife.

She appeared in the 2011 music video for South Korean band BIGBANG's extended play musical recording Tonight.

You may not know that Brett Dalton became an honorary committee member of Face Forward LA in 2016.

Brett has teamed up with them to bring you the VIP Con experience of your dreams to celebrate his recent return to !

He’s not fueled by the same things that Grant Ward is. DALTON: I don’t even know if he had a childhood, but he’s used to being worshipped as a god.

DALTON: This was an opportunity that I really wanted to take to reinvent the character because this is a character that has existed in the comics before. Obviously, I’m not walking around with all the tentacle stuff. So, I really took this as an opportunity, as a character who looks like Grant Ward and is walking around in Grant Ward’s body, but is not Grant Ward, at all.