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They also embedded with high schoolers in the Midwest to fine-tune their teenage characters, and Marling spent time with a blind man in New York learning to navigate the city without eyesight.“At first, it was completely terrifying, just to put a blindfold on and will yourself to not take it off and to just be in the dark for six hours,” she says, “figuring out how to get to a place and developing the humility to constantly ask people you can’t even see for help, and you have no idea what their facial reaction is.”All of these elements came together to create a complicated narrative that is uniquely suited to the medium of a streaming service: For the story she tells, a film would be too short — and traditional TV programming, where viewers have to wait an entire week between episodes, wouldn’t help the show’s momentum.It actually means, ‘I like you,’ which I find really charming.” Not that there has been much time for romance since her double whammy at Sundance.In the spare moments when not filming she’s been writing.“I don’t really have the words to describe Danny,” Marling says.“I mean, he’s just brilliant.” Babylon, which also stars James Nesbitt, is an imagined peek into the world of the Metropolitan Police, and its struggle to keep up with social media.To reveal any more would be a disservice — the show hinges on very deliberate dissemination of information — but suffice it to say that its plot is labyrinthine, compulsively compelling and often absolutely bonkers.“The OA” is the creation, in more ways than one, of Brit Marling: She plays the lead character, and also wrote the show along with her frequent collaborator Zal Batmanglij.Throughout her career to date — particularly in the projects she’s done with Batmanglij and Mike Cahill, all three of whom are old friends from Georgetown — Marling, 33, has gravitated to a certain type of role: enigmatic, preternaturally wise women who seem not quite of this plane of existence.

But Marling can’t resist the prospect of an unorthodox part.It’s dangerous to stop living your own life, and only lead a work life. Maybe if I hung out for long enough in my favourite British pubs I might find love.” Unfashionable though it is for actors to have stable family backgrounds, Marling’s was.I’m trying to remedy it, but it’s really hard because, if an amazing opportunity comes your way, you want to jump on it. Her parents are happily married property developers, and she grew up in several East Coast towns, but primarily in Chicago.And the chance to work with the Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle doesn’t come round often.Babylon marks Boyle’s return to televisi0n after a 12-year break.