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However, as a woman, I know that there’s a part of me that just wants to nurture and love someone, so you can’t expect me to be intimate with you and then act like it wasn’t anything.

But we do that, anyway, because we’ve become conditioned to believe that having feelings for someone is a risky gamble, one that we don’t make often out of fear of getting hurt.

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I always loved to write, and I love sharing people’s stories, so I thought journalism would be the best fit because I get to utilize everything I’m interested in.

If you live in Los Angeles or New York or any metropolis that has a strong entertainment influence, you know what I’m talking about.

These types of cities are full of industry professionals and aspiring-somethings, which creates an entirely new beast when it comes to dating because of the difference in lifestyle.

I was so afraid of leaving that cushion because I wasn’t sure how I’d manage, but at some point, I realized that I was letting fear block my blessings.

I just wanted to be happy, and I knew where my happiness was, so I took a leap of faith, and now I’m riding the wave.